Warden’s Blog 15/7/16

GLOW WORMS. This appears to be a good year for them, if Cockaynes Reserve is anything to go by. Last Sunday night Val, Lucy and I did a survey and found 46 glowing females (including two mating pairs). Mostly they were along the railway track side of the entrance road and yard / public path to railway crossing. There were also some in Villa Wood below the nissen hut but we will need to do a further survey to discover how far they have colonised this part of the site. The first pictures are of a mating pair and show the difference in size between male and female. The female does not fly and uses it’s glowing lower abdomen to emit a bright green light to attract the flying males. Once mated, the female stops glowing and goes away to lay her eggs before perishing in a week or so.
We will be doing a 2nd survey on Friday evening (15th July) if anyone wishes to join us. Meet at the entrance gate 9.45pm and will last up to about 11.30 (weather permitting). Suggest a torch and possibly mosquito repellant.

Glow Worms. 10-7-16 DSC_0041a Glow Worms. 10-7-16 DSC_0042a Glow Worms. 10-7-16 DSC_0043a Glow Worms. 10-7-16 DSC_0046Glow Worms. 10-7-16 DSC_0048

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