Warden’s blog, 19th February 2016

It was a lovely day out on the reserve today. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there were lots of people out enjoying the good weather with us.
The primroses and snowdrops are now in full flower in Villa Wood. We heard the woodpeckers drumming and calling and saw numerous tits and a chiffchaff. We also heard the song thrush giving his repetitive call from the hawthorns.
In Cockaynes Wood we heard the jay shouting. We also saw the goldcrests again plus long-tailed tits, blue tits and great tits. The youngsters have been busy in the coppiced area again and appear to have left behind a dinosaur!
Walking back to the yard, we saw a pair of mallards, a pair of tufted ducks and a dabchick on the scrape. There were also four coots noisily displaying and chasing each other around the water. A sparrowhawk flew out from Villa Wood across the yard into the small silt pond.
It looks like the deer have been nibbling some of our newly planted privets but they should survive ok. Val and Roger 19/2/16

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