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‘Went to mow a meadow’. Sunshine & hard work. With the help of Alan from Essex Wildlife Trust driving (being pulled along) the mower, we have managed to mow all the intended area. I did take a turn on the mower…it is a beast to handle! We have left uncut some areas as wildlife refuges / hibernation places. Valerie & I have raked some of the grass into heaps which in turn are being made into larger heaps at the edge of the meadow. These larger heaps will form hibernaculums (places to overwinter) for the grass snakes & other small creatures. I did actually see a fieldmouse heading for one of the refuge places while I was cutting nearby.
The remainder of the raking will be done this Wednesday weather permitting) on our regular work party day. If anyone would like to come along & maybe help for a while or come for a chat, you are most welcome. It is always good to hear what others have to say about this nature reserve
Roger & Valerie R (Wardens)

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