Warden’s Notes 10/6/15

A short walk on site this morning found several Common Blue and some Small Heath butterflies on the meadow area. Also there are a small number of Yellow Rattle flowers, a Dog Rose in flower and the orange Fox And Cubs at the top of the meadow near the old tree stumps. The Gorse on the Heath is showing bright yellow flowers and if you look a bit closer to the ground, some of the older heather is just starting to show signs of flowers. Not so encouraging is the spread of bracken on the Heath which will need some method of control soon by our Work Party Team. Better news is that the Common Cow Wheat (one of the rare species which is found on our site) is spreading / flowering along the path in Cockaynes Wood & along the heath into the bracken. Birds seen today included the Kestrel hovering by the Large Silt Pond & a Hobby Hawk over the Scrape. The Hobby was diving & swooping over the water chasing dragonflies, but was too quick & not close enough for any photo shot. It did, however, get too close to the Lapwing chicks & was chased by the adult lapwing. On the small sand cliff by the metal gates I found a Tawny Mining Bee near it’s nest hole & lots of Digger Wasps visiting their nest pipes nearby (the nest pipes are sometimes sticking out of the sand by up to 20mm of more & 8mm diameter, we will upload some pictures onto the website soon).

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